Always (Shamelessly) Plug

Something really cool happened last week. A newsletter from a business journalism website that I subscribe to spoke about India’s approach to keeping interest rates low, to stimulate the economy, is creating high levels of inflation. Parallels were drawn between India’s approach and the monetary expansion (or overdrive, as some might call it) approved by the US government. 

I quite enjoyed the piece and wrote back saying it was a mighty interesting read and shared a couple of links, including an NBER study and a blog post that I wrote, that discussed how the wealth of the Top 1%-ers in the US is inadvertently finding its way to household and government debt. While I suggested that it might be interesting (for them) to pursue this, it was really nice of them to write back and say we could look at a contributor-piece instead.

I remember writing in my reflection a couple of weeks ago that once you have sent your ‘labour of love’ into the digital interwebs, expect nothing back. A follow up learning to that, courtesy this kind, business journalist that wrote the original newsletter – ‘Always shamelessly plug’. You never know what good things might come off it. 

Of course, the key again is to not expect anything from your ‘shameless plugs’ as well. They do say amor fati for a reason =)

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