What I Learned About Writing in the Last 6 Months

A little bit of context about my writing career before the last six months. It was nothing remarkable and I exclusively wrote in private. I thought long and hard before starting this blog and I went ahead thinking I will figure it out along the way. Knowing your niche is one of the biggest breakthroughs one can make as a writer, and that doesn’t happen easily. Of course, it helps to know what you want to write about, from the very many things you can write about. And, it certainly helps to know what people want to read about but more on that later.

ThisIsWater – Reflection #2

This is the second of my intermittent reflections since I started writing this blog back in March this year. This blog is a platform I leverage to learn about the things I am interested in through writing, bring discipline to my writing habit, and practise attachment and detachment, at the same time, with what IContinue reading “ThisIsWater – Reflection #2”

Always (Shamelessly) Plug

Something really cool happened last week. A newsletter from a business journalism website that I subscribe to spoke about India’s approach to keeping interest rates low, to stimulate the economy, is creating high levels of inflation. Parallels were drawn between India’s approach and the monetary expansion (or overdrive, as some might call it) approved byContinue reading “Always (Shamelessly) Plug”

ThisIsWater – Reflection #1

I had originally intended to write a reflection post sometime in April, after I had published around six posts on my blog.

Better sense prevailed alongside the realisation that half a dozen posts is a rather small sample, particularly for a first-time blogger, to draw any meaningful insight out of. 

It has been a little under 3 months and I have written a dozen posts, this is that another time I was talking. The bonus for waiting is I may possibly have something that might be worthwhile to write about.