What I Learned About Writing in the Last 6 Months

A little bit of context about my writing career before the last six months. It was nothing remarkable and I exclusively wrote in private. I thought long and hard before starting this blog and I went ahead thinking I will figure it out along the way. Knowing your niche is one of the biggest breakthroughs one can make as a writer, and that doesn’t happen easily. Of course, it helps to know what you want to write about, from the very many things you can write about. And, it certainly helps to know what people want to read about but more on that later.

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Solar Storms and (possibly) a Global Internet Meltdown

There appears to be another looming threat and this time it could successfully knock out our infrastructure and result in prolonged global outages. The impact of these outages however would go far beyond low streaming speeds and could trigger significant losses, and we’d be lucky if it was just the economic sort.

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The Abundance In Our Lives

We have come a long way through strife and turmoil to get to a point where we are fantastically unfamiliar with what to do with our time and attention, and the aggregate of the two, our lives. This is the first time when large sections of humanity find themselves living in abundance and affluence.

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Always (Shamelessly) Plug

Something really cool happened last week. A newsletter from a business journalism website that I subscribe to spoke about India’s approach to keeping interest rates low, to stimulate the economy,…

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When The Chips Are Down, Start a Technology Race

It does sound a wee bit unfair to say that developed economies should have exercised better foresight in preempting a ‘capability concentration’ during this semiconductor shortage, especially given we are talking about the building blocks of the digital economy.

It is understandable that these large economies want to be a part of the semiconductor story, even if it means a geopolitical song-and-dance.

But it makes for an interesting story about how an unassuming man in his 50s turned the semiconductor industry on its head.

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ThisIsWater – Reflection #1

I had originally intended to write a reflection post sometime in April, after I had published around six posts on my blog.

Better sense prevailed alongside the realisation that half a dozen posts is a rather small sample, particularly for a first-time blogger, to draw any meaningful insight out of. 

It has been a little under 3 months and I have written a dozen posts, this is that another time I was talking. The bonus for waiting is I may possibly have something that might be worthwhile to write about.

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Is evolution just nature on auto-pilot?

Natural selection is nature on auto-pilot. Life evolves, heads in a direction towards survival, and does not require any deliberate adaptation within the rules of ‘selection’. It has the semblance of a self-contained system where the means for survival is available to the species without active participation. Or is that not fully representative of the situation?

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Why we are who we are

Are we generous because we are inherently generous? Or is it restricted to specific circumstances where we are generous than normal? To root it to our individual realities, it could…

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