The Internet Did Not Melt Down

Picture this. It is a sunny Sunday afternoon (H/T to The Kinks) You are on the couch and fighting off a nap because you are too tired to get up and go to the bedroom. (Taking a nap should not take work, but fate is cruel) The couch is comfortable, but not comfortable enough thatContinue reading “The Internet Did Not Melt Down”

Misplaced Exceptionalism, Political Hubris, and Personal Failure

Image Source: Twitter Fabrics of nations have been altered by political hubris. All through human history. I say nations only because kingdoms, where hubris was rife, accepted, and almost indispensable, did not represent its people better. Two hundred or so years since nation-states started dotting the world map, we are still finding ways to substantiateContinue reading “Misplaced Exceptionalism, Political Hubris, and Personal Failure”