China, Carbon Markets, and Climate Change

When I was a postgraduate student studying public policy in Singapore back in 2015, I took a class on the Economics and Governance of Climate Change. I remember writing a paper on Sino-US tensions on climate action, adaptation, and mitigation which included commentary on China’s attempts at establishing a carbon market. Here is an excerptContinue reading “China, Carbon Markets, and Climate Change”

When The Chips Are Down, Start a Technology Race

It does sound a wee bit unfair to say that developed economies should have exercised better foresight in preempting a ‘capability concentration’ during this semiconductor shortage, especially given we are talking about the building blocks of the digital economy.

It is understandable that these large economies want to be a part of the semiconductor story, even if it means a geopolitical song-and-dance.

But it makes for an interesting story about how an unassuming man in his 50s turned the semiconductor industry on its head.