Solar Storms and (possibly) a Global Internet Meltdown

There appears to be another looming threat and this time it could successfully knock out our infrastructure and result in prolonged global outages. The impact of these outages however would go far beyond low streaming speeds and could trigger significant losses, and we’d be lucky if it was just the economic sort.

The Future of Computing – Not Smaller Chips

Image Source: HPCWire A few weeks ago, I wrote about semiconductors and how an unassuming man in his 50s turned the industry on its head. Something that resulted in a geopolitical song and dance that put Taiwan both at the centre and on the sidelines simultaneously. This post, while not of a similar ‘success-against-odds’ persuasion,Continue reading “The Future of Computing – Not Smaller Chips”

The Internet Did Not Melt Down

Picture this. It is a sunny Sunday afternoon (H/T to The Kinks) You are on the couch and fighting off a nap because you are too tired to get up and go to the bedroom. (Taking a nap should not take work, but fate is cruel) The couch is comfortable, but not comfortable enough thatContinue reading “The Internet Did Not Melt Down”

When The Chips Are Down, Start a Technology Race

It does sound a wee bit unfair to say that developed economies should have exercised better foresight in preempting a ‘capability concentration’ during this semiconductor shortage, especially given we are talking about the building blocks of the digital economy.

It is understandable that these large economies want to be a part of the semiconductor story, even if it means a geopolitical song-and-dance.

But it makes for an interesting story about how an unassuming man in his 50s turned the semiconductor industry on its head.

The Elders of the Internet

I am not sure how many of you are fans of ‘The IT Crowd’, the British sitcom starring Richard Ayoade (Moss), Katherine Parkinson (Jen), Chris O’Dowd (Roy), who are employees at the IT department of the fictional Reynholm Industries. If you have seen enough of the show, you will know that it presumes hyperbolic levelsContinue reading “The Elders of the Internet”

Returning “Attention” to its Rightful Owners

We live in a world where some of the brightest minds of our generation are expending time and other resources to understand newer ways to leverage technology to hold our attention. We often hear people talk about the efforts that they take to ‘switch off’ or limit ‘screen time’ (to resemble an illusion of ourContinue reading “Returning “Attention” to its Rightful Owners”

The Revolution Is Not On The Internet

Gil Scott-Heron wrote a powerful poem which he later recorded into a song in 1970. The poem and song bear the same title – ‘The Revolution Will Not Be Televised’. It went on to become a popular slogan of the Black Power movement. The song contains quite a lot of pop-culture references that offer fascinatingContinue reading “The Revolution Is Not On The Internet”