Misplaced Exceptionalism, Political Hubris, and Personal Failure

Image Source: Twitter Fabrics of nations have been altered by political hubris. All through human history. I say nations only because kingdoms, where hubris was rife, accepted, and almost indispensable, did not represent its people better. Two hundred or so years since nation-states started dotting the world map, we are still finding ways to substantiateContinue reading “Misplaced Exceptionalism, Political Hubris, and Personal Failure”

Inner Perseverance for Outer Order

Humanity has more or less perfected the art of passing down elements unique to specific cultures across generations. The simultaneity of continuity and change is one of the greatest paradoxes that each of us grapples with more or less on a daily basis. Everything that is useful to us is carried forward, and things thatContinue reading “Inner Perseverance for Outer Order”

The Revolution Is Not On The Internet

Gil Scott-Heron wrote a powerful poem which he later recorded into a song in 1970. The poem and song bear the same title – ‘The Revolution Will Not Be Televised’. It went on to become a popular slogan of the Black Power movement. The song contains quite a lot of pop-culture references that offer fascinatingContinue reading “The Revolution Is Not On The Internet”