Climate Change, Ping-Pong, Morality And More

A friend and I were talking recently about how gathering information about the pervasive nature of climate change is out of reach for most of us. It is not news to anyone that we suffer from an information overload, and it is no different with the matter at hand. The complexity of climate change meansContinue reading “Climate Change, Ping-Pong, Morality And More”

The Future of Computing – Not Smaller Chips

Image Source: HPCWire A few weeks ago, I wrote about semiconductors and how an unassuming man in his 50s turned the industry on its head. Something that resulted in a geopolitical song and dance that put Taiwan both at the centre and on the sidelines simultaneously. This post, while not of a similar ‘success-against-odds’ persuasion,Continue reading “The Future of Computing – Not Smaller Chips”

Why we are who we are

Are we generous because we are inherently generous? Or is it restricted to specific circumstances where we are generous than normal? To root it to our individual realities, it could be useful to check if any patterns emerge from our community efforts. A better marker for this endeavour could include acts of kindness towards friends,Continue reading “Why we are who we are”

When Intuition is Our First Resort

Intuition is an innate human ability to understand something instinctively without expending time developing a mental process to do so. Thanks to the pioneering work of Messrs Thaler, Sunstein, Tversky, & Kahnemann among others, cognitive biases that drive human decisions have been documented significantly since the latter part of the 20th century. Our ability to intuitContinue reading “When Intuition is Our First Resort”

Returning “Attention” to its Rightful Owners

We live in a world where some of the brightest minds of our generation are expending time and other resources to understand newer ways to leverage technology to hold our attention. We often hear people talk about the efforts that they take to ‘switch off’ or limit ‘screen time’ (to resemble an illusion of ourContinue reading “Returning “Attention” to its Rightful Owners”

Inner Perseverance for Outer Order

Humanity has more or less perfected the art of passing down elements unique to specific cultures across generations. The simultaneity of continuity and change is one of the greatest paradoxes that each of us grapples with more or less on a daily basis. Everything that is useful to us is carried forward, and things thatContinue reading “Inner Perseverance for Outer Order”